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Selling and Customer

Relationship Management



Selling and Customer Relationship Management


The practice of traditional selling and sales management is changing as a result of shifting attention from making short-term sales to building long-term buyer-seller relationships. Relationship-selling skills, interactive sales presentation and trust-based relationships building techniques are important for facilitating successful selling process and ensuring future sales.


  • Relationship Selling


  • Impactful Sales Presentation


  • Trust-based Customer Relationship Management

Ecoach Course       Relationship Selling  

  • Examine the differences between traditional selling and relationship selling

  • Explore steps and essential factors for conducting relationship selling

  • Identify key successful tips for relationship selling

Ecoach Course       Impactful Business Presentation  

  • Explore the art of persuasion in business presentation

  • Show steps, tools and resources for creating impactful business presentation

  • Identify key tips for boosting effectiveness of business presentation

Ecoach Course      Trust-based Customer Relationship Management 

  • Examine the reason why consumer trust is key to repeat business

  • Show principles and steps in trust-based customer relationship building

  • Identify key successful tips for trust-based customer relationship management

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