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Effective  Management  Skills



Effective Management Skills


Effective management skills are at the heart of every successful individual and business. Similar set of management skills among specialists, supervisors, junior managers, middle managers and senior managers are essential requirements for performing the role well, collaborating with team members, dealing with shortcomings, riding on challenges ahead more successfully.


  • Win-win Negotiation


  • Creative Problem Solving


  • Conflict Management


  • Project Management


  • Delegation and Supervision



Ecoach Course       Win-win Negotiation 

  • Show steps for preparing a workplace negotiation 

  • Adopt an effective negotiation process for negotiation

  • Identify ways to handle tricks and elaborate strategies in negotiations

Ecoach Course       Creative Problem Solving

  • Apply four-step process to systematically solve problems and decide on appropriate solutions

  • Use methods and tools to discover underlying cause of problem

  • Use creative thinking and decision making techniques to generate solutions and identify the best choice

Ecoach Course       Conflict Management 

  • Explore different sources and natures of conflict in workplace

  • Examine different conflict management styles and handling strategies in conflict situations

  • Identify ways in resolving conflicts and restoring relationships

Ecoach Course       Project Management  

  • Show basic phases of project management

  • Discuss roles and skills of effective project leader 

  • Identify strategies and practices in leading team and managing stakeholders in project management

Ecoach Course       Delegation and Supervision

  • Discuss process for effective delegation 

  • Show basic steps in supervision

  • Recognize common delegation pitfalls and how to avoid and monitor performance result

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