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Talent  Retention





Talent Retention and Engagement


Human capital market is competitive, individuals once being trained have a tendency to move to other organization for better prospect, growth opportunities, lucrative salary, comfortable job nature etc. The issue of “retaining talent and engaging people” has become a major concern for corporate in the current scenario.


  • Talent Retention and Development


  • Engaging and Motivating Team


  • Diversity Management



Ecoach Course       Talent Retention and Development 

  • Discuss latest trends and needs of talent retention and development

  • Explore strategies to attract, develop and retain key talents of organization

  • Identify best practices in implementing succession planning and talent management

Ecoach Course       Engaging and Motivating Team

  • Explore the impacts of different behavioral styles towards leadership and team dynamics

  • Establish ways in motivating team members of different behavioral styles 

  • Identify best practices to unleash team power in achieving synergy

Ecoach Course       Diversity Management  

  • Examine the challenges of different generations towards nowadays leadership (Baby Boomer, Generation X, Millennials)

  • Elaborate leadership traits and competencies of a “Diversity Leader”

  • Develop ways in managing different generations in workplace

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