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There are 4 major areas of business training under Ecoach, which include Strategy, Leadership, Innovation and Management.


Ecoach aims to provide the professional training services with innovative, interactive and interdependent ways in the district of Hong Kong and Macao.

Ecoach Training Uniqueness

  1. Highly Interactive in Learning Facilitation

  2. Highly Innovative in Learning Culture

  3. Highly Interdependent in Team Learning

ECOACH SLIM Model:  Strategy, Leadership, Innovation & Management
Strategic Management and Innovation

Good strategic management promotes alignment among diverse groups within an organization, clarify objectives and priorities which help focus efforts around them...

Talent Retention and Engagement

Human capital market is competitive, individuals once being trained have a tendency to move to other organization for better prospect...

Influential Leadership



“Influential Leadership” is the ability of a leader to incite action in others through mastering the skills of communication and motivation tailored to individuals...

Effective Management Skills



Effective management skills are at the heart of every successful individual and business. Similar set of management skills among specialists...

Personal Wellness and Effectiveness

Business outcomes come from higher job satisfaction and work productivity, lower absenteeism and lower health care costs etc...

Selling and Customer Relationship Management


The practice of traditional selling and sales management is changing as a result of shifting attention from making short-term sales...

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