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Personal Wellness





Personal Wellness and Effectiveness


Business outcomes come from higher job satisfaction and work productivity, lower absenteeism and lower health care costs etc. In fact, health, happiness, and productivity at work are highly related especially in today high stress and competitive working environment.


  • Emotion and Stress Management


  • Excellent Executive In Action


  • Effective Communication with Bosses, Peers and Subordinates

Ecoach Course       Emotion and Stress Management 

  • Assess the relationship between emotion management and stress and how they affect personal and organizational effectiveness

  • Discover ways to manage emotional stress and restore balanced emotions

  • Demonstrate practical exercises in managing daily stress

Ecoach Course       Excellent Executive In Action

  • Explore aspects of an “Excellent Executive” such as:

    • Using time wisely

    • Focusing on strengthens

    • Contributing as foundation of effective teamwork and organization

    • Making effective decision

  • Identify ways to establish effective habits of an “Excellent Executive” in person and create culture of excellence in organization

Ecoach Course       Effective Communication with Bosses, Peers and Subordinates

  • Show the key wisdom and interpersonal techniques in managing boss

  • Elaborate how to work along and collaborate with peers in order to embrace different people’s strengths and contribute to the organization

  • Demonstrate ways to motivate subordinates in achieving excellence

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