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Strategic Management





Strategic Management and Innovation


Good strategic management promotes alignment among diverse groups within an organization, clarify objectives and priorities which help focus efforts around them.  Nowadays world of business strategy is in transition, it is even more important to gear up creativity and innovation for the challenges of strategy formulation and implementation.


  • Strategic Management in Action


  • Management by Objective & Execution


  • Innovation and Change Management


Ecoach Course       Strategic Management in Action

  • Set mission and values of the organization

  • Conduct environmental analysis

  • Establish strategic objectives and implementation actions

Ecoach Course       Management by Objective & Execution

  • Explore common challenges in driving organization performance

  • Identify ways to facilitate organization's mindset to become result oriented

  • Demonstrate approaches for improving organization’s effectiveness and efficiency

Ecoach Course       Innovation and Change Management 

  • Examine reasons why organization needs to constantly innovate to succeed 

  • Establish innovation practices in organization

  • Develop approaches to lead and sustain change

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