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Influential Leadership



Influential Leadership


“Influential Leadership” is the ability of a leader to incite action in others through mastering the skills of communication and motivation tailored to individuals. Executives consistently rank influence as a top leadership competency since the influential leader focuses on building constructive attitudes and drawing out valuable talents in others.


  • Influential Leadership at Work


  • Coaching for Success


  • GROW People Performance

Ecoach Course       Influential Leadership at Work 

  • Discuss the change of leadership models and the latest leadership trends

  • Discover how influential leadership impacts organization effectiveness

  • Identify essential skills for becoming an “Influential Leader”

Ecoach Course       Coaching for Success 

  • Explore how “the ability to coach and develop others” affect leadership effectiveness

  • Identify essential traits and skills of a successful coach

  • Demonstrate key ingredients and steps of successful coaching process

Ecoach Course       GROW People Performance

  • Apply steps for effective performance management

  • Demonstrate effective communication in conducting performance review

  • Manage staff of different performance situations

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