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[真誠推薦] 德魯克管理學院 與 明德學院 呈獻 《管理跨時代》- 第八集




麥瑞琼 女士 (前任牛奶公司集團董事)

左1: 王月歡 女士 Ms. Ruthia Wong

左2: 崔宇恆 先生 Mr. Walter Tsui

右1: 張笑容 女士 Ms. Smile Cheung

右2: 袁文俊 博士 Dr. Royce Yuen

我們十分榮幸邀請到管理達人袁文俊博士 Dr. Royce Yuen 及 跨國企業副總裁王月歡女士 Ms. Ruthia Wong 擔任節目嘉賓主持人,每一集都會邀請一位香港的企業高管及傑出人士,分享他們在精采的職業生涯中,所遇到的重重挑戰,以及如何應付瞬息萬變的市場環境。

今集除了 「笑容生活教室」 創辦人兼資深傳媒人 張笑容女士,我們還邀請到 careER 創辦人 崔宇恆先生 擔任嘉賓,崔宇恆雖然天生患上罕見眼疾, 卻無阻他完成大學學位,

順利自中文大學經濟系畢業。但因視力障礙所困, 職途處處踫壁。這親身經歷,促使他成立專為患有殘疾的大專生進行職業配對及就業支援的社企 careER。今集他會與我們分享營運careER過程中所遇到的困難和收獲,並藉此呼籲本地企業給予這群大專生工作機會。






Peter F. Drucker Academy & Centennial College present

“Management as a Liberal Art ”

It is on air from 9pm-10pm every Sunday night.

We are honored to have management expert, Dr. Royce Yuen, and Vice-President of a multinational corporation, Ms. Ruthia Wong, as our guest hosts for the program.

Each episode we would invite an outstanding senior executive and prominent figure from different fields in Hong Kong to be our guest speaker, who will share with us on their ups-and-downs in their remarkable careers, and how they deal with the ever-changing market environment.

This week, besides Founder of “Smile Training” and senior media professional Ms. Smile Cheung, we have also invited Founder of “careER” Mr. Walter Tsui as our guest speakers.

Although Walter was born with rare eye disease, he overcame the inborn obstacles and

successfully graduated with BSc in Economics from Hong Kong Chinese University. Nevertheless, his career development was greatly hindered by his eye condition, this experience drove him to establish “careER”, a social enterprise providing job-matching

and career counseling services to young professionals with physical disabilities. Walter would share with us on both difficulties and gains that he came across along the way of running careER, and call for local companies to give those young professionals job opportunities.

The interview will be broadcasted at 9pm to 10pm this Sunday on April 23rd.

Besides listening to the Radio Live Broadcast, you can also log onto official website of Metro Radio for Online Live Broadcast at :

If you are listening through smart phone, please download Metro Radio App through:

崔宇恆 先生 Mr. Walter Tsui,

careER 創辦人 Founder of “careER”

(Drucker Academy content)

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