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德魯克管理學院 與 明德學院 呈獻 《管理跨時代》

德魯克管理學院 與 明德學院 呈獻



我們十分榮幸邀請到管理達人Dr. Royce Yuen 及Ruthia Wong擔任節目主持人,每一集都會邀請一位香港的企業高管,跟我們分享他們在精采的職業生涯中,所遇到的重重挑戰,以及如何應用德魯克的博雅管理理念,應付瞬息萬變的市場環境。又會探討他們帶領企業突破重圍的同時,如何兼負起培育人材及回饋社會的責任。

第一集我們邀請到 八達通 行政總裁 張耀堂 Sunny Cheung 擔任嘉賓,一起探討「如何應付轉變」的主題。


除了收音機收聽外,亦可登入 新城財經台,收聽網上直播。


Peter F. Drucker Academy & Centennial College present

“MLA on Air”

The Peter F. Drucker Academy joins hands with Centennial College on presenting the latest Radio Program “MLA on Air”.

The program will premiere on March 5th (Sunday) from 9pm to 10pm, on Metro Finance Channel FM104 of Metro Radio.We are honored to have Dr. Royce Yuen and Ms. Ruthia Wong as our guest hosts for the program.Each episode we would invite an outstanding senior executive from different fields in Hong Kong to be our guest speaker,who will share with us on their ups-and-downs in their remarkable careers;

how they deal with the ever-changing market environment by applying Drucker’s Management as a Liberal Art (MLA) and lead the company to fulfilling social responsibilities.

We have invited Mr. Sunny Cheung, CEO of Octopus as our first guest,

who will join us on probing into the theme of “Managing Change”.

The 1st series of interview will be divided into 2 episodes, and broadcast on March 5th and March 12th respectively.

Besides listening to the Radio Live Broadcast, you can also log onto official website of Metro Radio for Online Live Broadcast at :

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